Other Characters

 John/Doc:  My husband, John, is a native of Idaho who grew up on a potato farm. Living the farmer’s life all those years showed him what he didn’t want to do when he grew up. Instead of farming, John taught political science and philosophy in Ohio until he retired, went crazy, and moved into the basement (well sorta). For the past fifteen years he has been deeply engaged in historical research and writing. He lives in the 19th century now and has just published his latest book “Island Adventures.”  https://smile.amazon.com/Island-Adventures-Hawaiian-Mission-1851-1865/dp/1560852429/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477184605&sr=8-1&keywords=island+adventures+hammond

John is in charge of all the garden hardscapes on their two acre property. He built the patio and walkways around my gardens. Occasionally he will get artsy and build something of his own from scratch such as the pergola at the edge of the woods. He also likes to decorate garden beds with rocks and driftwood. Many of the rocks were collected along roadsides on cross country vacations. Remember the movie where Lucille Ball decides to collect rocks from all their stops as she and Desi drive cross country? Yep, it was just like that. John and daughter Amy piled rock after rock onto the floor of our little pop up camper one summer. It’s a wonder the car was powerful enough to tow it home.

Amy: My daughter lives 2 miles away in a big, Victorian house that she has painted light brown and trimmed in eggplant and teal (nice!). Amy has a degree in Computer Science and and her RN in Nursing. She works at a local hospital. Amy is an artist and photographer and loves to travel. Her family has three dogs. I don’t think much of dogs. Especially big ones. Big ones that bark. Big ones that act like they’re going to eatmy leg each time I knock on the front door. My hope is that Amy will some day take a liking to miniature poodles.

Bill: Amy’s husband spends his days flipping houses and he also runs an Amish transportation service. Like John, he goes along for the ride when Amy plans their travels. He’s found himself in a few “interesting” travel situations. Stuck with this family, he’s bound to find himself in more “interesting” situations to come. Perhaps we’ll take him bungee jumping the next time…

Caleb: I find it hard to believe but my 18 yr. old grandson graduated from high school this year. Caleb Is working his first job at McDonald’s. He enjoys reading Science Fiction and he appears to be catching his own travel bug. My favorite saying of Caleb’s is “Grandma, I want to go to Paris someday so that I can see the leaning tower of Pisa!” Granted, he was much (much, much!) younger when he said it but I still think it’s cute.

Michael: My 14 yr. old grandson enjoys theater and art and is a member of the school band playing the trumpet. Michael is still remembered around the local police station for his phone calls to 911. The first because his mother had allowed the household to run out of peanut butter and that was an emergency. The second because his brother “was being mean to him” and that was an emergency. And the third, because he was lonely and “just wanted to talk to the nice policeman” who had visited the house following the peanut butter and mean brother incidents. Luckily he has outgrown that phase. Although it’s still an emergency if the peanut butter runs out.

Mom and Dad live 2 miles away in a 55+ community for retirees. Mom loves to quilt. Dad loves old cars, cameras, and flea markets.

Sister Julie and brother-in-law, John,  live in the next town over about 10 miles away. Julie spends her free time riding her horse and John rides his bicycle many miles each day. They own the pond where the family goes to fish in the summertime. Julie writes her own fashion and beauty blog called lucylovesdesigns.


The Cats:

Molly is a gray tabby who will meow loudly, bite and scratch you until you pet her. She is the old dame at about 16 years old. VooDoo is just a year or so younger. VooDoo is a skittish jet black male with fangs. John found him in the woods when he was just a tiny thing. VooDoo was a tiny thing, not John. Molly and VooDoo are considered “my” cats. The other three, Leo, Scooter, and Spook, are loyal to my husband. Probably because I tried to farm them out by placing a “free kittens” sign at the road when they were young. One day I came home and John had taken down the sign and moved all three into the house. He had given two of the litter away but couldn’t bear to part with the rest! Despite my argument that five cats inside a house is too many, they remain there today. Leo is a long hair yellow tabby with white markings who loves to socialize. Scooter is short haired blonde tabby who hates to socialize. Spook, their sister, is a tiny tortoiseshell who has no problem showing her brothers who is boss.

Over the years we have spent an enormous amount of money spaying and neutering feral barn cats. Spending money on a barn cat is a sure way to see that they disappear the next day never to be seen again! But one, Henry, has been around now for a number of years. He is a young, sleek, gray tabby who delights in sneaking into the house every chance he gets. 

Come back often and visit the WhackyShack to see what new and whacky things we’ve got going on!


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