Travels & Treks

I don’t know when I first knew that I wanted to travel.  I was very young I think. My Dad piled Mom and us three kids into the car and drove us from Ohio to Virginia Beach.   We drove down the Skyline Drive and took a tour of Williamsburg. Wow. I thought that was the greatest thing ever.The minute I became an adult I began traveling on my own. Even in the years when money was tight, my daughter and I made short trips to Sea World or the Cleveland Zoo.  When  I married John the three of us took 3 week vacations each summer and drove across the country.  We drove a different route each time and saw all the sights along the way. Each year, we checked more and more destinations off of our list.

I have traveled by plane, train, car, cruise ship and escorted tour bus. These days family travel includes my daughter’s husband and my two grandsons. When we can’t travel, we satisfy our desire to see new places with weekend and day trips in and around Northeast Ohio.

I began blogging about our travels as a way to keep track of where we’d been and what we’d seen. All of my travel reports and photos are posted on my sister blogs: Sunny Sky Blue and Sunny Sky Blue Ohio. Check them out!