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Crafting Christmas…The Start of the Ornament Collection

It’s only August but my craft room is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I’ve begun making my inventory of Christmas ornaments.  The bigger the selection, the more people seem to buy. I guess I understand that. Nothing is more exciting that stepping into a Christmas shop that is filled with sensory overload!  So I’m surfing Pinterest for new ideas and I have a small work table set up next to the couch in the living room where I can craft at night while watching TV.  I never just “watch TV” anymore. Time is too precious not be crafting something if I’m sitting still.IMG_3815

I designed a new hula dancer this year. I don’t know if a hula dancing ornament would sell or not but I’ll make a few and see where it goes. Felt hearts were popular last year as were seashell angels. I’m going to try some different felt pieces this year. I’ve designed a cat. It still needs something though and I’m thinking of hanging a mouse from its mouth. Or maybe an elf. IMG_4180

I’m loving the patchwork quilted ornaments that I find on Pinterest. I experimented with some simple patterns that made flat ornaments but they were too flat. I need to make some more that have some dimension to them. Maybe I’ll put on my Gene Autry Christmas CD for inspiration. That would cause my husband to think that I am crazy… “It’s only AUGUST.” Maybe I should take the day and go to the beach.  I could always take some sewing with me…DSCF6654




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