Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s During Days of Covid

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash I was surprised to realize it has been more than 18 months since my last Parkinson’s update. Where did the time go? It wasn't that I couldn't have written a blog post. With the pandemic keeping us at home for more than a year, I can't claim that I… Continue reading Parkinson’s During Days of Covid

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Keeping Cats

Last week, I discovered that we have a feral cat living in our yard. When we moved here, 23 years ago, we had lots of feral cats. Often a half dozen or more would squeeze beneath the door and take shelter inside our barn each winter. We haven’t had one for a couple of years.… Continue reading Keeping Cats

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Grandma’s Best Hot Chocolate

Modern conveniences make busy lives easier. But when it comes to hot chocolate, modern conveniences have let us down. Today’s “just add hot water and stir” hot chocolate mixes do not taste nearly as good as the steaming cups of rich deliciousness that Grandma served to us after an afternoon of sledding or making angels… Continue reading Grandma’s Best Hot Chocolate

Happy Holidays

Collecting Vintage Christmas

I guess it was only natural that my collecting of Christmas tree ornaments would expand into collecting other kinds of Christmas items. That, at least, is what other collectors have told me. A love of Christmas doesn't stop at the tree and I have gone on to collect other kinds of Christmas decor. Nothing I… Continue reading Collecting Vintage Christmas

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A 200 Year-Old Secret Recipe: Unionville Old Tavern’s Corn Fritters

Built in 1798, the Unionville Tavern in Ohio's Western Reserve, became a rest stop where weary 19th century passengers traveling by wagon or stagecoach could find a hot meal and a warm bed.   The Unionville Tavern Two hundred plus years later, the Old Tavern holds special memories for me. It was the place my… Continue reading A 200 Year-Old Secret Recipe: Unionville Old Tavern’s Corn Fritters

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Going Green With The Homeless Barbie

2020. The year we stayed home. I don't have to tell you how difficult it's been. The year has been filled with challenges for everyone. My sister and I have spent much of our "stuck at home time" these past few months sitting in our living rooms watching TV and listening to audio books as… Continue reading Going Green With The Homeless Barbie

Arts, Crafts and Creations, Barbie

Barbie, You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

My only daughter was a tomboy who never had any interest in dolls. Both of my grandchildren are boys. So when my sister and I began the Barbie holiday donation project (which you can read about in an earlier post) I had not picked up a Barbie in 50 years. Barbie House by Mattel uxe… Continue reading Barbie, You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!