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On the Loss of a Friend

What can I possibly say? How can this be?

It was 28 years ago when he walked through the front door, wrapped both his arms around me, planted a huge kiss on my cheek, and then cackled with laughter at my surprise. It was the first time I’d ever laid eyes on him. Who was this wild and boisterous man? After my initial shock, we were introduced. From that moment and ever after, Pirooz Dadbeh was one of my dearest friends.

His spirit filled every room he entered. Along with his aftershave. He once borrowed my car for a weekend. He was polite enough not to smoke but it took weeks for the scent of his aftershave to dissipate! He was loud. Oh boy, could he be loud! His deep, uninhibited laughter echoed off the walls! His bad jokes would make you groan. But his huge loving heart made everyone smile. Everything about Pirooz was big and bold.

Iranian by birth, he loved being an American and he loved his adopted home of Houston. I loved to visit him there. I never felt like a guest. He made sure of that. He was a gentle soul. Kind and caring. Quick to act to solve any problem. Generous to anyone in need. He was everyone’s brother. He was everyone’s friend.

Many tears shall fall tonight.

Sleep peacefully my loving friend.

One of the originals.
In more ways than one.
Four friends. Happy times.

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