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Merry Christmas in the Mailbox

When I was about 3 years old, my dad very gently hammered two tiny nails into the wood paneled wall of our dining room. He tied a length of string between those nails and Voila! We had a holder for the first of our Christmas cards that had arrived that afternoon. It was fun to wait for the mailman each afternoon during the holiday season. After mom opened the cards and read the letters and notes written inside, I would run to the dining room wall and hang the cards over the string. Pretty We soon had so many cards stretched across that wall that dad had to put up a second string.

At some point during each Christmas season, Mom would sit down with her box of assorted cards and a pad of paper and write holiday notes to family and friends. I sat at the foot of her chair and sorted through the box, pondering over my chore of choosing just the right card to send to Grandma or to Aunt Mary or whomever was next on the list.

Our kids don’t have anywhere near the fun with Christmas cards that we had. They don’t wait by the mailbox or arrange the pretty holiday pictures on a string. We no longer enjoy reading all of those warm holiday messages from far flung family the way our parents did. Mailing Christmas cards has become a thing of the past. Many now rely on email greetings if they send any greetings at all. There aren’t many things we can do to change the world we live in. But the old tradition of sending holiday cards, is within our power to revive.

Why not buy a box of holiday cards this year and mail them out the old-fashioned way? The more cards you send, the more you will receive back. That’s the way it works. You can buy some gorgeous boxes in department stores or find cheaper ones at the dollar store. If you start now, you’d even have time to add a handwritten note or a family letter. Drop them off at the post office on your way to do your Black Friday shopping and then sit back in the days to follow and watch your mailbox. Mailing out cards, especially early in the season, will see a bigger return of cards in your own mailbox. You might even collect so many that you will need a second string.


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