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Building Barbie’s House From a Shoe Box

Creating a storage box for Barbie and her accessories. I ran out of house photos for the box lid but a piece of original art will serve this one well. As my sister and I contemplated how we would package the refurbished Barbies, clothes and accessories we were putting together for holiday toy drives, we… Continue reading Building Barbie’s House From a Shoe Box

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Arts, Crafts and Creations, Barbie

Refurbishing Barbie for the Christmas Toy Drive: The Beginning

Earlier this summer I spotted a Barbie doll while surfing Ebay. It was a red-haired doll called a “bubble cut” from the early 60s.  It was one of a mixed lot of dolls that someone was selling for a more than fair price. Feeling nostalgic (this was the first Barbie I owned as a child)… Continue reading Refurbishing Barbie for the Christmas Toy Drive: The Beginning

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The Low Maintenance Garden Experiment: Planning a Garden for Senior Living

As we grow older and outdoor spaces become more work than we can handle, many gardeners feel the need to downsize. They sell their homes and move into smaller apartments or maybe a condo – some place that won’t require lawn and garden chores. As a result, they save themselves the work, but they lose… Continue reading The Low Maintenance Garden Experiment: Planning a Garden for Senior Living

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A Williamsburg Style Holiday Wreath

Maybe it's the drama and tiresome happenings in the daily news that is causing everyone to need an escape. Looking around my small town yesterday, it seems that everyone is getting geared up for the holidays extra early this year. I even saw a couple of homes with outdoor holiday lights brightly blazing. While my… Continue reading A Williamsburg Style Holiday Wreath

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Old Fashioned Hershey’s Cocoa Fudge

Growing up in the 1950's, my mom, aunts, and female cousins were all making fudge. It didn't require fancy and expensive ingredients like chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, or marshmallow cream that those West Virginia farm girls didn't have. It was made with basic ingredients they found in their kitchens. If the too soft candy… Continue reading Old Fashioned Hershey’s Cocoa Fudge

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Currently in the WhackyShack Shop…

What gal doesn't love a notebook? We use notebooks for all sorts of things. We write our thoughts into journals and diaries, draw our ideas onto the pages of sketchbooks, save mementos in scrapbooks, take notes in classrooms, and perhaps, even use them to document our business data. WhackyBinders are my newest product. They give… Continue reading Currently in the WhackyShack Shop…

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Fast Fix Steak with Mushroom Gravy

Even those of us who like to cook, don't like to cook all of the time. In the middle of doing other, more important things, the need to stop what we're doing to prepare a meal can be a bother. I'm always excited to find a new "from scratch" recipe that is both tasty and… Continue reading Fast Fix Steak with Mushroom Gravy