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A Plan For Touring Pennsylvania Gardens

Read notes about my travel plans here. ~This is a 7 day travel agenda that visits some of Pennsylvania's best botanical gardens and arboretums. ~This plan is designed to begin on a Saturday in order to accommodate the open/closed days of some establishments. ~This plan is intended to be traveled between May and September. ~Any… Continue reading A Plan For Touring Pennsylvania Gardens

Our Aging Parents

Dealing With Dementia and Returning to Wetzel County

Dementia is cruel joke that is played on those who suffer from it. For those who watch it happening it is sad and confusing. My mother's memory fades in and out so quickly that it is difficult to know what world she is living in at any moment in time. You can’t predict or prevent… Continue reading Dealing With Dementia and Returning to Wetzel County

Gardens, House and Home

Coexisting with Critters In the Garden

My friends would tell you that I have a beautiful garden. I also have deer, rabbits, raccoons, field mice, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, fox, possum, coyotes, mink, feral cats, birds, moles, voles, turkey, and dogs that a thoughtless neighbor turns loose each night before retiring to his bed. I started a garden as soon as I… Continue reading Coexisting with Critters In the Garden

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Grandma’s Best Hot Chocolate

Modern conveniences make busy lives easier. But when it comes to hot chocolate, modern conveniences have let us down. Today’s “just add hot water and stir” hot chocolate mixes do not taste nearly as good as the steaming cups of rich deliciousness that Grandma served to us after an afternoon of sledding or making angels… Continue reading Grandma’s Best Hot Chocolate

Happy Holidays

Collecting Vintage Christmas

I guess it was only natural that my collecting of Christmas tree ornaments would expand into collecting other kinds of Christmas items. That, at least, is what other collectors have told me. A love of Christmas doesn't stop at the tree and I have gone on to collect other kinds of Christmas decor. Nothing I… Continue reading Collecting Vintage Christmas