Travel and Day Trips

Antiques Extravaganza: The Goodwill Hunt

It hadn't rained on us, but we had failed to see the sun shine on Thursday. Friday was starting out cool and overcast as well. April weather in Pennsylvania was unpredictable. The next time, I would wait for the summer Extravanza that takes place in June. Good or bad though, the weather wouldn't be an issue… Continue reading Antiques Extravaganza: The Goodwill Hunt

Miscellaneous Stuff

The Saturday Hunt

It was a cool Saturday. One of those first days of fall that are damp and cold and so unexpected after a summer of warm days that the chill cuts right to the bone. My daughter, Amy, came around about 10:00 to pick me up. We were making one of our regular "gadding" trips, this… Continue reading The Saturday Hunt