Retirement: My One Year Anniversary

One year ago tomorrow I quit my job as Public Relations and Marketing Director of a fine arts center. I wasn't old enough to retire. I didn't start collecting a pension or Social Security. I wasn't old enough to tap my retirement fund. My job was neither hard nor horrible and in many ways it… Continue reading Retirement: My One Year Anniversary

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Changing Times

Time. I find myself with an abundance of it. Two weeks ago, I worked my final day at my full time job. For the next few days I caught myself glancing at the clock, just as I did when I was working full time and there was never enough time. Hours used to be so precious that I worried about how… Continue reading Changing Times


I’m Not Going to Work Today: Getting Used to the Idea

With a new refrigerator sitting empty in the kitchen (the result of my old refrigerator having had the nerve to die the very week I was leaving my job) my daughter and I made a trip to the grocery store. I had intentionally waited to grocery shop with Amy instead of shopping with my husband on Saturday.… Continue reading I’m Not Going to Work Today: Getting Used to the Idea