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Why Your Vintage Barbie Isn’t

Last year, I found myself the owner of a box of Barbie dolls. My sister and I turned them into a project. Julie made each doll a new wardrobe. I fashioned hats, handbags and necklaces and made each doll a cardboard box "cottage." We donated 40 doll sets to organizations that provide gifts for needy… Continue reading Why Your Vintage Barbie Isn’t

Happy Holidays

Collecting Vintage Christmas

I guess it was only natural that my collecting of Christmas tree ornaments would expand into collecting other kinds of Christmas items. That, at least, is what other collectors have told me. A love of Christmas doesn't stop at the tree and I have gone on to collect other kinds of Christmas decor. Nothing I… Continue reading Collecting Vintage Christmas

Happy Holidays

Christmas Decorating With Vintage Finds

The holiday season for my husband and I began on Thanksgiving day when we hosted a big family dinner. Following a Black Friday spent with friends, the remainder of my Thanksgiving weekend was spent in a decorating frenzy. It always takes a full day to put up the tree, sorting out and fussing over whatever… Continue reading Christmas Decorating With Vintage Finds