One Month Without a Job and Loving All That Free Time!

1dinn5 “What do you do with all of your free time?!” People ask me that question and I find it difficult to explain that having too much free time is not, has never been, a problem for me. In fact, I’d still be glad to tack on a couple of hours to the end of each day.

I worked at my last job for 12 years. For the past two years, I had plotted and planned my life so that I could quit working long before what most people would consider a normal retirement age. It’s been over a month now since my last day in the office. One month without a job and I am loving it.

It’s taken longer than I expected to settle into a routine. But then, who really wants a routine anyway? I get up each morning and find a world filled with possibilities. It’s just a matter of choosing which activities I want to partake of.

In the past month I have been up early every morning.  Many days I have enjoyed giving my a house a thorough cleaning. When I was working, cleaning was something that happened on Saturday mornings or a few hours here and there after dinner during the week. It mostly amounted to putting things in their proper places and giving the carpet a quick vacuum. There wasn’t time to do more. Now that I have the time, I’ve been making my way through the house, cleaning closets, shampooing rugs, organizing things like the kitchen junk drawer. I’ve packed boxes and taken them to the Goodwill. I’ve hung new curtains in the dining room and prepared the room for Thanksgiving. I am mostly enjoying updating and redecorating each room one by one.1din1

I have worked on making inventory for my on-line Etsy shop and for the Posey Depot, a brick and morter shop in Elyria, OH where I began selling my handmade WhackySack handbags last spring. I’ve taken mid-week shopping trips with my daughter and sister and spent a few days at a nearby resort with my husband and longtime friends. It’s been a whirlwind of activity and I’ve not yet had the time for “a day off.” I’m much too busy enjoying all of my “free” time.

“But why did you do it?” That’s another question I’m often asked. But the answer to that one will take a whole other post…1din4



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