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“Tis the Season” for Christmas Shops

12227736_10153429461904055_8817365877105353188_nHolmes County is the heart of Ohio’s Amish country. You can easily spend a day here, or a week, touring all of its many shops and sites. One Friday morning in mid-November my daughter and I made our way to Millersburg, Ohio with a single destination in mind. “Tis the Season” lays claim to being Ohio’s largest year-round Christmas store and it is, indeed, a spectacular place for getting into the holiday spirit and buying everything you need or want for Christmas decorating.12234964_10153429462284055_7869396938185578502_n

The main floor is divided into a series of sections beginning with a log cabin style space that is filled with woodland trees and decor. From here you’ll pass through a chapel, a room filled with vintage reproductions, and a section of ornaments that can be personalized. Throughout the main floor is room after room of angels, Santas, birds, bells, ribbons, stars, and anything else you could possibly want to decorate not only your tree, but your entire house. Climb the stairs, and you find yourself on the second floor. This loft overlooking the floor below is filled with Christmas villages, snow globes, Charming Tails figurines, polar bears, snowmen, tea sets, and more and more Christmas. A basement level is where you’ll find Old World glass ornaments, Radko, nativity sets, artificial trees, and a selection of lights.12241204_10153429462719055_667192280060498021_n

I expect prices at a place like this to be rather high, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were often lower than I expected. Plan to spend a couple of hours here. If you are a Christmas junkie, you’ll linger longer.

Tis The Season Christmas Shoppe
4363 State Route 39
Millersburg, OH 44654
Tel: 1-888-893-3604






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