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Last Minute Craft Projects

With only a few days left until our local Christmas craft show where I have reserved a table, I was scouring the Internet for some inexpensive, last-minute projects that I could do. As a shopper, I like having a nice selection of items to choose from and so that is what I want to give buyers. You’ll see that my prices on these “fillers” are pretty low too. I’m setting them that way intentionally. If I can draw people in with some cheaper items they will hopefully linger longer at my table and buy the more expensive pieces too. I won’t get rich with these add-on projects but since they cost very little to make I will still turn a profit.

mjj-216Other vendors claim that these fancy wrapped chocolate packets are big sellers. I’ve made up quite a few of them in Thanksgiving and Christmas colors. I put five chocolate nuggets in each package and I plan to sell them for $2 each or 3 for $5. You can find my tutorial for how to make them in an upcoming post.

I had a half dozen new composition books sitting on a shelf along with some new brightly colored ball point pens. I spent today turning them into pretty journals. I paper crafted new covers front and back plus added a new inside front cover with a pocket. I use card stock and matching papers to make a matching bookmark. The books and pen cost me no more than $1 (and my paper stash was mostly given to me by a friend). I will sell the journals for $5 each which should be an attractive price point.

I discovered some spiral-bound 2017 calendar planners at our local closeout store.Tomorrow I will transform these covers just as I did the composition books. At 99 cents they were a real bargain. Because the size of these is fairly small (5″ x 7″) I think charging $4 is probably about right.

I have made and filled a rack with glass cabochon pendants. They sport a variety of fun and inspirational quotes about dogs, cats, books, travel, and other things. I also made some with Christmas pictures and even made a few with sugar skulls. I will sell them for $4 each or 3 for $10.

vqr-006I’ve spent several evenings in front of the television making gift tags for Christmas packages plus birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions. These are simple and fun to make and is a project that allows creativity to run free. I’ve made simple straight tags, multi layered tags, tags with bows, buttons, sequins and beads. I love creating them and they cost almost nothing to make. I will package them up in sets of 10 in clear plastic bags and sell each bag for $1.

1831-3-dddI have also found a few interesting projects that I just won’t have time for. I’ll keep them in mind for later. One is an easy recipe for dog biscuits. As crazy as my friends seem to be about their dogs I would bet that these would be good sellers. Being a food item however, even though its pet food, I’m not sure about the legalities of making and selling them so this project goes to the Pinterest board for future perusal. The recipe can be found at

I love the idea of cookie mixes in a jar and I particularly like the idea of “cowgirl cookies” made with pink M&Ms. The directions for this adorable jar are at  I just don’t know if there is much profit in them. The ingredients are expensive and I don’t think shoppers would be willing to pay for them.  Pink M&Ms are hard to find too if it isn’t Valentine’s Day. It’s worth investigating though. They were popular several years ago but I’ve not seen cookie jars in a long time.

With only 1 day left to go I need to get busy!




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