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A Craft Show Project: Fancy Wrapped Nuggets

With just a few days to go until the next Christmas craft show, I’ve begun to round out my inventory with a few last minute projects. I like having a lot of different items to sell which I think makes my display table more interesting. It’s good to include some lower-priced items too, in order to better attract shoppers to stop and take a look. Searching the internet for ideas, I came across this project for fancy wrapped chocolate nuggets.

mjj-147Before beginning this project I purchased bags of milk chocolate and chocolate with almonds Hershey’s Nuggets. The 12 ounce bag contained 32 chocolates. I decided to make my packets with five nuggets each (which leaves 2 chocolates for me! Ha!) but you could use as many as you like. If you use more or less than five you will have to adjust my measurements accordingly.
To make this project I started by cutting scrapbooking card stock into a bunch of 5″ x 1.75″ rectangles. I decided to make both Thanksgiving and Christmas themed packets and I used several different patterns in holiday colors.mjj-159

Next, I used a glue stick to attach two pieces back to back making a base that will be pretty both front and back. It would probably be a little neater had I cut them to 1.5″ wide. Adding the extra 1/4″ allows some of the pretty cardstock tray to show through. Don’t make them any bigger than this though or the chocolates will slide around too much. mjj-180

Next I cut from scrapbooking paper and holiday gift wrap,
what seemed like a zillion 1″ x 3″ rectangles. I used up a lot of my paper scrap bin making these. I used different paper patterns in holiday colors. At one end of each slip I placed a square of two-sided tape. Then I wrapped the paper around the nugget and sealed it at the bottom.

Most people make these chocolate packets using 7 x 2 inch cellophane bags. It would be much easier this way. But I already had a roll of cellophane on hand so it made more sense to use that than to spend more money on bags. Clear cellophane is a must. You want to see the pretty colors and patterns that you’ve wrapped around the nuggets. My cellophane was clear but with white snowflakes printed on it. Fortunately, they didn’t interfere too much and added an unexpected decorative touch. From the roll I cut 9″ x 5″ cellophane squares.


I set one of the completed trays on the edge of cellophane and then carefully flipped the whole thing over. I wrapped the cellophane around to the back and used transparent tape to seal it shut. I then folded up the bottom flap and secured it also.

mjj-209The final step secured the top of the package with a ribbon, my handmade tag, and a pretty paper punch decoration. Grouped together in a box or basket these packets look adorable.mjj-216




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